LA NAVE RADIO – the “ship radio” is setting sail from the VIII


LA NAVE RADIO is a radio collective formed by female and male communicators of the Indigenous Panamanzonian people, quilombolas (Afro-descendants), Ribeirinhos (inhabitants of the riverside), people of the cities and the passionate radio organizations  El Churo Comunicación, Rede Mídia dos Povos, AMARC Brasil and Servindi. Tomorrow, Friday, April 28th, the “ship radio” is setting sail from the Pan-Amazonian Social Forum (FOSPA). with a live online transmission (HYPERLINK “”



LA NAVE RADIO invites everyone to drop by for their live transmission. The port is located near the craft fair on the campus of the University of San Martín, headquarter of FOSPA.



Beyond the independent coverage, LA NAVE RADIO will also be a space for linking the voices and creativity of the Panamazonian people. In the organization of the radio forum, 35 female and male communicators from Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, France, and Germany are participating.



In addition, LA NAVE RADIO is producing audio-visual material, texts, performances, murals and photos searching for new forms of alternative communication, which will be also published online.  (HYPERLINK “”



LA NAVE RADIO was created after the meeting of two projects: LA NAVE VA and Mídia dos Povos, who started their Pan-Amazonian and Andean journey two years ago.



We invite all communicators who want to transmit the radio signal to contact us:


  • Liseth Atamain +51 922650194
  • Luis Taijin +51 963247129


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  1. Saludos compañeras… tengo información que hace parte del Equipo POROROCA Dora Muñoz, un saludo grandes desde Bogotá, los mejores augurios con esta nueva iniciativa y decirle a Dora y todos los compañeros/as la disposición del Grupo COMUNICARTE apoyar esta iniciativas… y la disposición de trabajar conjuntamente y de trocar materiales… y además por ser parte de ALER, escenario donde podemos intercambiar /trocar trabajo, experiencias y capacitación- producción.

    Saludos y adelante.

    Alma Montoya Ch.

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