In Ecuador, indigenous women are the first ones to rise up and go out to the streets, defending our forest. We are doing this for our children” Elvia Dahua



On Friday, April 28th, during the VIII Pan-Amazonian Forum (FOSPA), Domingo Peas and Elvia Dahua, leaders of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENIAE) presented the initiative “Sacred Basins of Napo and Marañón ”, tributary and source river of the Amazon. The proposal includes the creation of a bio-cultural sanctuary of these ecosystems, recognized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a “Non-Intrusion Zone”, and therefore prohibiting the extraction of resources on large scale.



Based on the approach of indigenous co-governance, the implementation of rights and life guarantees in the Amazonian territories, this process will be developed on the long-term in several steps including amongst others: field investigations, legal and political campaigns, the affection of international markets and influence of the public opinion.

“This project is not a new idea. It came up more than thirty years ago, as all our organizations have been created to defend our nature, culture and language” Domingo Peas

Besides being the homeland of 16 indigenous people as Waorani, Kichwa, Sápara, Achuar, Shuar, Wampisa, Awajún, Shiwiar, Andoas, Candoshi, Cocama, Secoya, Siona and Cofan, Taromenane and Tagaeri, the wetlands of the ”Sacred Basins” play a fundamental role in the stabilization of the global warming. The Amazon Rainforest provides a 20% of the fresh water and oxygen resources of our planet. However, it is constantly threatened by the extractive industries. Therefore, during the meeting, the leaders of the CONFENAI revealed the close alliance and collaboration with all nationalities, ethnic groups and federations of the regions between Ecuador and Peru.


“This proposal is not only for indigenous peoples but for the whole world”, Domingo Peas declared during the radio program “Parana”, broadcasted by LA NAVE RADIO at the FOSPA (HYPERLINK “”,

The project “Sacred Basins” was initialized by CONFENIAE and AIDESEP and is supported by the Pachamama Alliance Network, Terra Mater and Amazon Watch and has been adopted by the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin (COICA) since March. A large assembly of Amazonian people is expected to take place at the end of this year to articulate this proposal.

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